Friday, July 19, 2013

Writing Challenge #2: Antique Photo

Photo (Inspiration) Challenge

Entries must be presented in the form of an excerpt from a story. This can be from a current work in progress or one you have not yet created. Who knows, this picture and this writing challenge may be the stepping stone you needed for your future novel! 

Imagine, the photo above is representing a moment, frozen in time, from the life of your characters. Ask yourself: What might my characters dialogue sound like, if I were to reach in the middle of my story, and pull it out? What intriguing excerpt would draw the reader in and cause them to read more?

*Remember: This is different than a blurb, which we did in the last writing challenge. This is not something you would find on the back of a book, but rather, within the first couple pages, providing a teaser for the reader of what's to come. 

  • Think! Any entries/comments deemed inappropriate by the author of this blog will be deleted. Please use common sense and courtesy for other readers before posting.
  • Remember! Grammar, spelling and punctuation count.  
    • Suggestion: Ask a friend to edit your entry before submitting it as your final entry. 
  • Winners! The top two winners will be announced the day after the contest ends. This will be part of a special blog post, in which their winning entry will be highlighted.
  • Surprise! There will be a panel of judges (consisting of published authors), evaluating and deciding upon the top two winning entries. The judges will also be preparing a surprise gift for those in the top two & sharing words of advice during the special blog post.   
  • Share! Feel free to share a link to your blog, especially if you have expanded the "blurb" into a full story. 
  • Deadline!! ALL ENTRIES must be submitted in the comment area OR by "linking up" at the bottom of this post by Friday, August 2, 2013 ~ MIDNIGHT ~ EST in order to be considered by the judges.  
    • *You're more than welcome to share an entry you come up with at a later time in the comment area, but any posted after the deadline will not be considered as a part of this contest.

Make sure to share this writing opportunity with all your writing friends! 
Now, let's have some fun!