Thursday, June 20, 2013

Writing Challenge #1: Two Boats

Photo credit: Rhonda (aka Ritty)
Photo (Inspiration) Challenge

Entries must be presented in the form of a "blurb", which you would find on the inside or back cover of a book. Imagine the photo above is the cover photo for the front of your book. Ask yourself: What story is begging to be told through this picture? What title would match this cover photo? 

"There are many reasons for choosing a book, but most involve a summary of the story that draws you in. It turns out that the inside jacket cover may be the most important piece of writing that an author produces. Once the book is in hands, it's often those few paragraphs that decide whether or not the reader will commit. It's the first impression; the not so subtle flirt that seduces us into the story. It must deliver enough character, setting and story to cause us to beg for more." 


  • Think! Any entries/comments deemed inappropriate by the author of this blog will be deleted. Please use common sense and courtesy for other readers before posting.
  • Remember! Grammar, spelling and punctuation count.  
    • Suggestion: Ask a friend to edit your "blurb" before submitting it as your final entry. 
  • Winners! The top two winners will be announced the day after the contest ends. This will be part of a special blog post, in which their winning entry will be highlighted.
  • Surprise! There will be a panel of judges (consisting of published authors), evaluating and deciding upon the top two winning entries. The judges will also be preparing a surprise gift for those in the top two & sharing words of advice during the special blog post.   
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  • Share! Feel free to share a link to your blog, especially if you have expanded the "blurb" into a full story. 
  • Deadline!! ALL ENTRIES must be submitted in the comment area OR by "linking up" at the bottom of this post by Friday, June 28th, 2013 ~ MIDNIGHT ~ EST in order to be considered by the judges.  
    • *You're more than welcome to share an entry you come up with at a later time in the comment area, but any posted after the deadline will not be considered as a part of this contest.

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Now, let's have some fun! 


  1. Growing up in Medfield, a small Massachusetts coastal town, Hannah and Adam had been friends since childhood. Adam was the son of a deckhand who worked on Hannah's father's fishing fleet. As they reached adulthood their friendship blossomed into true love. They both felt as if God had drawn them together and meant for them to marry. Hannah's father would hear nothing of it and upon learning of their intent of marriage, forbid them from ever seeing each other again.
    Feeling they had no other choice Hannah and Adam each slipped from the warmth of their homes on a frigid February night in 1892 and took a jon boat out into the ocean waters. The plan was to meet on Childs Island a favorite play land of their youth. They would then join each other in one boat and row off to start their lives together.
    At sunrise, a shout went out in each home upon the discovery of the missing children. A search found the two jon boats on the shore of Childs Island, but the young couple was nowhere in sight. Each family blamed the other for the loss of their child causing a huge upheaval in the town. Would the towns people be able to see past their differences and rally together to find the young couple lost on a cold winter's night in the dark ocean. God help them all.

    1. Great entry, Heidi! Thanks so much for taking the time to share! A very intriguing story-line.

  2. Coming back to this small town brought way too many memories back for, Jaden. Now, a successful lawyer with her own practice in Philadelphia, Jaden felt like she had finally left the past behind her. But, when an urgent phone call from a family friend brings her back home, can she face the past and finally deal with the nightmares haunting her? And, can she finally answer the question of why it wasn’t it her who drowned on the boat that dreadful night?”

    Tyler knew he should have never returned. Every fiber in his body cried out for him to turn around and never look back, just like he did twenty years ago. The pain was too great. Why was God forcing him to return to this town all these years later, after he had finally been able to move on, past that terrible tragedy that claimed his cousins’ life? And, why did he have to bump into Jaden, of all people! This just wasn’t fair. Life wasn’t fair. And Tyler was never going to let God or Jaden forget that fact.

    Can God bring healing, forgiveness and hope to these two jaded hearts? Only time will tell.


    A missing girl
    A murdered man
    A mysterious clue

    Detective William Reed knows the dangers of his job, but when an arrest angers the wrong men, William secrets his family away to the sleepy village of Tranquility Bay. But his hopes for security are shattered when his daughter goes missing and a man is murdered. With only a cryptic clue to connect the two crimes, William is forced to play a dangerous game with a vengeful enemy.

    Can William solve this riddle before his daughter is killed? Is it already too late?

    1. Thank you for participating! And, congrats on being chosen!! :-)

  4. A Perfect Peace

    Gone are the carefree days of their youth, when Lacey Dobbs and James Hanson ran barefoot through the grass and spent hours together on the lake, dreaming about the perfect lives that lay ahead of them.

    Fifteen years later, Lacey returns a divorced mom, disappointed in herself and needing strength from a family more intent displaying a perfection to the outside world than fixing the broken people inside.

    James has never left the shores of Silver Lake, convinced he doesn't need anyone or anything except his secrets and dreams.

    Thrown together by circumstance and heading toward the life they should have shared, is this finally their time for love? Or are they destined to drift along Silver Lake, separate, missing the crucial pieces that would finally connect them to their perfect lives and to each other?

    1. Thank you for participating and congrats on being chosen as one of the winning entries!!