About the Writing Challenges

My main blog (Ritty's Adventures in Writing) is all about "inspiring the aspiring writer", and Ritty's Writing Challenges is a continuation of that goal . . .  
  • For the Aspiring Writer (myself included!): As a fellow aspiring writer, I always get a lot of joy and encouragement out of joining others in the adventure of writing and this is an avenue where we can all do this together.
  • For Writing Inspiration: I also get a lot of joy and inspiration from antique photos, and it is for this reason that I decided to use this as the central inspiration and focus of these writing challenges.
  • For the Published Author: Additionally, it's another great opportunity for (published) authors (i.e. the guest judges) and writers (published/non-published) to connect, and for the authors to reach another audience (when they provide me with their advice and prize to share in the follow-up post, once the writing challenge is completed).
*If you would like to be a guest judge, please let me know via Facebook (www.facebook.com/rittywrites) or email (rhonda.ritenour@gmail.com)!

It's all about helping myself and others exercise our writing muscles - all while participating in a fun writing challenge where you can potentially win a prize on the side! 

THE PRIZE(S): The guest authors, who act as guest judges, are charged with choosing and awarding one of the top TWO  entries with a prize (of their choosing), as well as sharing some words of advice to the winning entries and, (if they want) to all who participated.  

REQUIREMENTS: The entries for these challenges are submitted in one of three forms: 
  • blurb (i.e. back of the book)
  • excerpt (i.e. front of the book)
  • synopsis (i.e. short summary of the story - no longer then 500 words). 
*These requirements are always spelled out in the post of the latest writing challenge.*
This link will take you to a page that explains the difference between these different forms of writing: http://writeworld.tumblr.com/post/42841871845/this-is-a-towel-summaries-synopses-and-blurbs

Hopefully somewhere along the way, we all (participants, readers & judges!) will feel encouraged and blessed for having been a part of this fun writing adventure together!

Thank you! 

 Rhonda (a.k.a Ritty)