Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Writing Challenge #4 (Results)

The winner from the last writing challenge, plus . . .  

As a way to say thank you for your participation, I would like to choose an entry myself and offer the winner a $10 Amazon Gift Card. My chosen entry is . . . 

Neha's Shadow by Ruth

*Ruth - please email me ( and we can work out the details of your gift card! Thank you!!

Below is the response regarding the chosen entry from our guest judge, Marcy G. Dyer!! Click HERE and go to the comment section to read the entry for this writing challenge.

As always, please stay tuned to Ritty's Writing Challenges for the next photo challenge!

From Marcy:

I must say choosing a winner a was difficult because there were so many great entries! I would like to challenge the entrants to flesh out the stories and finish them. They all sound very intriguing, and since the story is easier to write than the blurb, you have a half the battle done.

While all of the blurbs were good, Mixed Blessings stood out. Christina gave us a glimpse of both Virginia and Noah and why, despite the mutual attraction, they cannot be together. It was succinct and drew me in making me want to read the story.

We were asked to give some tips for improving, so here are a couple. Double-check words if you aren’t sure if they should be capitalized. For example, cholera isn’t capitalized according to the Chicago Manual of Style. I would also suggest increasing the tension regarding the cholera outbreak.

To all of the entrants – keep writing. Whether or not you’re chosen as a winner of the challenge, you all have the potential to craft intriguing, compelling stories and I would hate for any of you to become discouraged with your writing. None of the entries were bad, and choosing a winner proved to be a daunting task. The more you write and participate in critique groups, the more your writing will improve.

Christina, if you’ll contact me via my website or Facebook: then I’ll send you a copy of Book One in the Desert Winds Series – Down & Out.

I can be found at the following sites:

Marcy G. Dyer is a Registered Nurse and suspense author. Like so many other writers, she began writing at a very young age, but never took herself seriously as a "real" writer until about ten years ago when she began taking courses and learning the craft of writing. She currently has two novels from the Desert Winds Series available: Down & Out and Out for Blood. In addition to writing, Marcy is a freelance editor. She does editing for individuals, Desert Breeze Publishing, and Prism Book Group.

Marcy is an alumnus of the Christian Writer's Guild and long-time member of American Christian Fiction Writers. She hosts a small critique group for ACFW and is involved in two other critique groups. For anyone seriously interested in becoming an author, she recommends a strong, diverse critique group to help authors hone crafts.

In addition to maintaining her website,, Marcy hosts a blog to help those with autoimmune diseases. While many autoimmune diseases aren't visible, they still cause chronic pain and disability. If you would like more information, please visit

As followers of Jesus Christ, Marcy and her family are active members of Crossroads Fellowship in Odessa, Texas. Sermons are carried live via the web at our online campus - at the following times on Sundays - 9:30 & 11:00 and 5:00 & 7:00 central time.

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  1. Oh wow! I feel like maybe I've quizzed out and should sit out the next round. Thank you Marcy for judging. I'll send you a message directly. Rhonda, it sounds like you have a monumental task on your hands. I'm praying for you and sending you a cyber hug. Thanks again ladies!