Thursday, August 22, 2013

Writing Challenge #4: Vintage Photo

Photo Challenge

Entries must be presented in the form of a "blurb", which you would typically find on the inside or back jacket cover of a book. Imagine the photo above is the cover photo for the front of your book. Ask yourself: What story is begging to be told through this picture? How would you summarize it to best catch the readers attention?

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Now, let's have some fun! 


  1. Emily and Fluer – Two flowers
    © Maree Long August 2013

    The small village now had to decide what they would now do with their two little flowers, Emily and Fleur. The once quiet cliff side village of Saint Cirq-Lapopie like a blank canvas had now been repainted from the unspoiled beauty it had enjoyed for generations. The colour of its landscape now sullied by the realization their world had changed and no longer can ignore the dark evil that had come upon them.

    Emily and Fluer, as childhood friends would forever share the same tragedy and fate. Their innocent laughter and smile now replaced with seemingly souless blank eyes that gave you an eerie feeling they could see right through you. In a village that was steeped in superstition Elise knew she had to intervene and take the young girls into her care.

    Nothing could have prepared Elise or the villagers for what lay ahead. The murder of the girls families was only the beginning.

  2. Corinder: What burns within.
    © Maree Long August 2013

    “Aunt Maggie, will you please listen to me”, Corinder said more sternly than she intended and then continued with more softness in her voice in an effort to get her Aunt to put the gun down, all the while trying to hide the panic and fear rising up from her brown laced boots.

    Aunt Maggie as if transfixed in a gaze held the gun open, steady and finger ready to shoot. Maggie had found out who had started the fire and killed so many innocent children and wanted justice.

    Aunt Maggie was one of two girls that survived the tragedy that had befallen the town’s orphanage fire all those years ago. Corinder was the younger of the two who was rescued from the fire along with Aunt Maggie. Aunt Maggie was the name given for the way she had always cared for the other children and it was Maggie who rescued Corinder that fateful day. It was now Corinder who needed to rescue Aunt Maggie from making the worst mistake of her life and killing an innocent man, the man Corinder had fallen in love with.

  3. Elizabeth TasevskaAugust 28, 2013 at 1:41 AM

    The sadness was painfully written on their young faces, the pain had become a visible and lasting reminder of what these precious children had endured. Their eyes, windows to what lay hidden in their souls, their hearts, a dark corridor, where the light had been extinguished.

    How they had loved their mother! She was so dear to them. Her smile, the sweetness of her voice. Now, they would never see that smile again, nor hear the sound of her voice echo through out the house. Oh to have their beloved mother near them once more! but alas, all that remained was a silence, that threatened to make itself a permanent resident in the house.

    The children understood that their mother had gone. They knew she had passed from this life and left this world, but they were young and could not comprehend it all. They did not though, understand the illness that took their mother's life, that invaded and coursed through her body rendering her helpless.

    They did not understand who the mysterious visitors were who came to see their precious Mama.

    Papa, who loved them just as dearly as their beloved mother had, had distanced himself, unable to deal with his own grief or comprehend living without his wife. The children's pain only grew worse. The children needed him, where were they to go? and to whom should they turn? How would they overcome such a tragedy?

    Elizabeth Tasevska © August 2013

  4. wow Liz love that line "
    they did not understand who the mysteious visitors were who came to see their precious Mama - Now I want to know the ending....and the it..

  5. Never were there two sisters who loved each other more than Tillie and Martha. They were inseparable, best friends. But years and husbands changed them, turning them into strangers. Martha has become dark, full of hatred and worldly ambition. She despises Tillie, jealous of her "picture perfect" family, and the peace and contentment she radiates.

    Tillie grieves over the chasm between her and Martha, and aches to see carefully hidden bruises on Martha's face. She prays and seeks for a way to reach her sister, but when Martha is involved in the accidental death of Tillie's new baby, extending the forgiveness and love of Christ becomes impossible.

  6. Neha’s Shadow

    In 1880, sisters Lona and Neha find themselves enrolled at Cheyenne-Arapaho Boarding School and in a world that they had heard only stories of. Lona struggles with day to day life. Neha quickly adapts to her new life and name, Elisabeth, never looking back.
    When the school’s stable hand, Josiah, starts to draw Lona out of her shell, she discovers that not only can he understand her native tongue but he can also speak it. She tries to draw out the story, eager to understand how and why he can speak it. But he refuses to explain any further.

    After Lona witnesses the death of her long time friend she starts to withdraw from everyone until she is nearly unresponsive. Elisabeth is forced to make a decision that will change both of their lives. Will she give everything up that she has embraced to return home with her sister? Or, will she trust her sister’s life in the hands of the strange stable hand who claims to be Lona’s only friend?


    The trail to Oregon would change everything.

    Virginia Warner is tired of playing nursemaid and governess to spoiled rich girls. Desiring more from life, she leaves her comfortable position and joins her brother as he travels west. With her rudimentary knowledge of cooking and medicine, Virginia believes she is smart enough to conquer any challenge. But can she conquer her unlikely attraction to the sullen wagon master, Noah Gage? Does she even want to?

    Noah has seen too many dreams shattered in his lifetime. Shunned because of his mixed heritage, he’s built an impenetrable wall around his heart. But when Cholera sweeps through the train, killing many, and Virginia takes in a pair of mixed blood sisters, the love she pours on these orphans warms Noah’s hardened heart. Can he trust Virginia enough to show his softening? Could the lady love a half-breed or will Noah’s dreams be crushed again?